The goal of ProcessPlayer - Public Procurement is to ensure end-to-end digital support for the planning and execution of public procurement processes in any contracting authority or contracting entity. It is our belief, in line with the strategies and analysis of the European Commission, that the full digitalization of public procurement, enabling complete control, traceability and auditability of the activities and information, can determine massive savings, reduce risks and overall enhance the efficiency of the public institutions considerably.

ProcessPlayer - Public Procurement is an online system, configurable and customizable for each institution. It is implemented following the European Union regulation in public procurement and it can be adapted to any other specific legislation. Where national e-tendering platforms are in place, ProcessPlayer is a complementary system that covers fully the procurement planning and the management of acuisitions in relation with the public procurement annual plan, offering as well full support for the post-award phase, including the management of contracts and orders in relation with the suppliers.

The platform is accessible from anywhere, our prefered licensing model being SaaS, but deployed personalized installations are possible. 

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ProcessPlayer launches a new module dedicated to tracking and managing contracts, framework agreements and ongoing contracts.

Among the benefits of this new product we can mention:

  • Real-time quantitative and value management of ongoing contracts
  • Warning system regarding the expiration of the contracts
  • Procurement management from suppliers
  • Warning system regarding the exhaustion of values and quantities subject to contracts
  • Digital management and automatic transmission of orders to suppliers

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Digitalization of operational public procurement procedures

Episode 1 - The departments

The departments of each institution need to achieve a standardization of information in order to obtain a flow as smooth as possible in the proper functioning of the stages of public procurement.

Episode 2 - Management - Approval flows - Approval

The Approval / Approval flow of purchase requisitions is a rather long and cumbersome process - this aspect is told to you by any public procurement expert.

What if you could make a purchase requisition and get all the necessary approvals at your office without walking the paper through folders or moving it in between the offices of the institution for signatures?

The entire document flow related to approval and signing is digitally supported and each opperation can be digitally signed, ProcessPlayer having integrated capabilities to support direct digital qualified signatures at server level.

Episode 3 - Management of the Annual Public Procurement Plan

The Annual Public Procurement Plan is the managerial instrument central to the planning and the execution of public procurement activities in any institutions.

How good it would be if you had a system that summarizes all the public procurement activity in order to be able to assess the needs of the contracting authorities and to help you in the management of contracts or various managerial procedures.

Episode 4 - Document Flow and Management of Orders

All purchase orders and reports must be reflected in the Annual Procurement Plan, in order to have a consistent management and a more efficient control of the document flows and implicitly of the acquisitions.

Episode 5 - Management of contracts, framework agreements and subsequent contracts

The contracting authority has the obligation to correlate the objective need at the level of the working apparatus with the requirements established in the procurement documents. Therefore, the management of contracts / framework agreements becomes one of the main pawns of public procurement.

Our Clients


UMFST Târgu Mureș

The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Târgu Mureș is one of the first institutions that implemented our platform for public procurement process management ProcessPlayer and has seen great benefits through its usage over the past years.


Sibiu International Airport

Sibiu International Airport is one of the main air traffic points located in the geographical center of Romania. The institution is using our platform for public procurement process management ProcessPlayer and has achieved great results with it.


Psychiatry Hospital "Doctor Gheorghe Preda" Sibiu

Psychiatry Hospital "Doctor Gheorghe Preda" Sibiu a public health unit with a history of over 140 years. The hospital provides the full range of services belonging to the specialties: adult and child psychiatry, pediatric neurology and neuromotor recovery children.


Elf Theoretical High School

Elf Theoretical High School is a private school in Cluj, accredited by the Ministry of Education and includes kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high school.


The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is one of the great university centers in Transylvania, which has a wide variety of fields of study, from engineering to architecture, fundamental sciences, socio-human and arts.


The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca

The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca is the continuation of the agricultural education institution founded on the Cluj-Mănăștur domain in 1869 and elevated to the rank of academy in 1906. It is one of the oldest agricultural colleges in Europe.


Bumbești Jiu City Hall

Bumbești-Jiu is a city in Gorj county, Oltenia.


City Hall Sector 2 Bucharest

City Hall Sector 2 is one of the 6 sectors of the capital of our country. It was one of the early administrative unit to employ the digital management of their public procurement processes using ProcessPlayer


Negru Vodă City

Negru Vodă is a city in Constanța county, Romania.


Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca

The Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca is an opera and ballet company established in 1919, a public institution with legal personality subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania.


Sălaj County Center for Resources and Educational Assistance

The County Center for Resources and Educational Assistance (C.J.R.A.E.) Sălaj is an educational unit connected to pre-university education and represents a specially integrated educational institution specialized in providing, coordinating and monitoring specific educational services.


Octavian Goga Cluj County Library

Public reading has been part of the Cluj cultural tradition since the XIXth century. The "Octavian Goga" Cluj County Library inherited this tradition and has managed, through the years, to develop its encyclopedic collections and its user-oriented services, becoming today one of the largest and most important county public libraries in Romania.


Cluj-Napoca Roads and Bridges Regional Directorate

The Cluj-Napoca Roads and Bridges Regional Directorate is a subunit of the National Road Infrastructure Management Company (CNAIR) and carries out activities of national public interest, having as activity object designing, building, modernizing the national roads and not only.


Directorate of Public Health Argeș

Directorate of Public Health Argeș is a decentralized public service, with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Health, representing the public health authority at local level.


ICMET Craiova

ICMET Craiova is Research-Development and Testing National Institute for Electrical Engineering, 100 % state-owned. It started its activity in 1974 as the central R & D department of Electroputere Company, which is the largest Romanian manufacturer in this field and in 1990, ICMET became independent.


Dinu Lipatti State Philharmonic

Dinu Lipatti State Philharmonic is located in the city of Satu Mare and is a producer of concert, symphonic, vocal-symphonic and record events, taken over by radio and television.


Urban Serv SA Botoșani

Urban Serv SA Botosani is a company that deals with the collection of non-hazardous waste, sanitation, markets administration and cemeteries.


The Gong Theater

Gong Theater is located in one of the most important cultural cities of the country, Sibiu and is a public institution with a rich repertoire, including animation shows, with puppets and actors in sight.


Arad Museum Complex

Arad Museum Complex is a public institution of culture subordinated to the Arad County Council.


The "Maria Filotti" Theater in Brăila

The "Maria Filotti" Theater is located in Brăila city and is a prestigious institution of the Romanian theater, having a tradition of 150 years.


The Home for older people Alba-Iulia

The Home for the old people Alba-Iulia was established in 1997 as a public institution of social assistance with legal personality under the subordination of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.


The Ministry of Education and Research

The Ministry of Education and Research is the body of the Government of Romania that coordinates the education system in Romania.


Potcoavă Commune

Potcoava is a city in Olt county, Romania.


Covăsinţ commune

Covăsânț is a commune in Arad county, Romania, consisting only of the village of residence of the same name.


Ștefănești City

Ștefănești became a city in 2004 and is located in Argeș county, Romania.


Șotrile Commune

Șotrile is a municipality in the county of Prahova, Romania.


Scânteia Commune

Scanteia is a commune in the county of Ialomița, Romania.


Remeți Commune

Remeți is a commune in Maramureș county, Transylvania.


Petriș Commune

Petriș is a commune in the county of Arad, Romania.


Innovative Tax & Accounting Solutions

Innovative Tax & Accounting Solutions is an accounting company based in Piscu village, Ilfov county.


Ghiroda Commune

Ghiroda is common in Timis County, Romania.


Cernica Commune

Cernica commune is located in the southern part of the country, in the Romanian Plain, more precisely in Ilfov county.


Miresu Mare Commune

Mireșu Mare is a commune in Maramures County, Transylvania, Romania.


Măstăcani Commune

Măstăcani is a commune in Galați County, Romania.


Bunești Commune

Buneşti commune is located in the south-east of Transylvania, in Brașov county.


Șicula Commune

Șicula is a commune in Arad county.


"Ioan Şenchea" Technological High School Făgăraş

"Ioan Şenchea" Technological High School is located in Făgăraş city, from Brașov county. The main fields for training are: tourism, commerce, agriculture, food industry, auto transport, environmental protection.


Technological High School "Ionita G. Andron"

Technological High School "Ionita G. Andron" is a school unit located in the city of Negrești-Oaș, in Satu-Mare county.  As specializations it has electronics, automation and environmental protection.


Săvădisla Commune

Săvădisla commune is located in Cluj county.


High School Luna de Sus

The Luna de Sus Gymnasium School is located in Cluj County.


Topolog Commune

Topolog is a commune in Tulcea county.


Timișești Commune

Timișești is a commune in Neamț Country.


Bârsana Commune Hall

Bârsana is the village of residence of the commune of the same name in Maramureș county, Transylvania


The Borșa Chronic Psychiatric Hospital

The Borșa Chronic Psychiatric Hospital is located in Cluj Country. It is a sanitary unit with beds, of public utility, with legal personality that provides medical services.



The National School of Public Health, Management and Improvement in the Health Sector of Bucharest (SNSPMPDS) is a public institution with tradition in training, research and consultancy in the field of public health and management of health services.


Măieruș Commune Hall

Măieruș Commune Hall is located in Brașov county.


Arieș Water Company SA

Arieș Water Company SA is located in the city of Turda. It deals with the extraction, treatment, distribution of drinking water and the treatment of waste water from Turda - Câmpia Turzii Region.