TYPO3 Training

After over 10 years experience in TYPO3 development and consultancy, we want to share our knowledge and help others to get familiar and proficient in working with TYPO3. You can now take advantage of our expertise by attending one of our workshops. All our trainers are very experienced TYPO3 developers that master web development and mentoring. We guarantee a high quality standard, qualified trainers and proven teaching methods.

All Inclusive TYPO3 CMS Development

The workshop will be a journey through all main concepts regarding TYPO3, from the installation through writing your own extension. You will not became a TYPO3 expert after this intensive course, but this workshop will give you the best premises to become a TYPO3 specialist as you will have a complete understanding of TYPO3 world in terms of how to create a website by respecting the standards and best practices, how to approach a problem and how to search for answers to complex problems. 

All you need to attend to the workshop is some basic HTML & PHP knowledge, a laptop, 3 days of your time and the curiosity to learn a lot of new things in a short period of time.