We are experienced in delivering a wide range of DevOps services, workshops and trainings, the list below including some of the most frequent ones.


  • Design of optimal hosting infrastructure for web-based applications
  • Performance audit for web-based applications on CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu with Apache/Nginx/Tomcat/Php-fpm
  • Design of backup and restore solutions for web applications and databases
  • Develop disaster recovery approach for highly sensitive applications
  • Develop highly available (HA) setup for sensitive applications
  • Implement highly available shared storage
  • Implement a highly available database with MySQL

Workshops on:

  • Introduction in Docker & Kubernetes
  • Optimal server performance audit
  • Choosing the best Linux distribution for the project needs
  • Choosing the best mail server for your needs
  • Monitoring the IT infrastructure with Nagios or Zenoss
  • Analyzing logs with ELK Stack
  • Solr and ElasticSearch setup up
  • Implement a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins or Teamcity

Training ( of one or several days):

  • Server configuration for web hosting with CentOS
  • Mastering Docker & Kubernetes
  • Performance tuning of MySql databases
  • Mastering Zenoss