PHP TYPO3 Developer

We are looking for new colleagues with whom we can fit in culturally and who have the necessary technical experience for our TYPO3 projects.

We want to find someone who

  • is proactive, with a spirit of initiative
  • he is interested in learning, in documenting themself, in perfecting themself
  • seeks an environment in which they can express themselves freely, come up with ideas and contribute to all team activities.

From a technical perspective we need someone who

  • knows PHP well and has experience in developing projects using an open-source PHP CMS (Drupal, TYPO3, Wordpress...)
  • is comfortable with JS, CSS3, HTML5
  • is open to learning and becoming good at TYPO3, the enterprise CMS platform that Arxia uses with predilection.

Job description

  • The position involves carrying out development activities using the TYPO3 CMS platform.
  • Usual projects are portal implementations, extension developments, upgrades to the latest major version of TYPO3.
  • The projects are of various sizes, from one week to several months.
  • The clients of these projects are from Romania, German-speaking countries and other countries in Western Europe.
  • Our new colleague will generally work under the direct coordination of a project manager within the Arxia team.
  • We have a lot of experience in organizing an optimal program for learning TYPO3. The new colleague will go through a study program in the first phase, assisted by an experienced mentor.
  • We have a flexible schedule, a collegial and relaxing atmosphere.
  • We provide support for learning and participation in events.
  • You can work remotely or from our office in the center of Cluj (2 minutes from Sora).
  • We offer a package of medical services at a collaborating clinic and other benefits that we will discuss in the interview.

If you are interested, please send us your CV to and we will contact you. We can't wait to meet!