With the 2019 edition, TYPO3 East Europe marks 7 years of bringing together the TYPO3 community in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We started on Friday 27th of September with a full-day socializing event for warm up, the "Transylvania's Famous Drinks Tour", full or entertaining team activities and games and sprinkled with various cocktails.

The days of 28 and 29 September were dedicated for prepared presentations and knowledge sharing.

The special guests of this edition were Stefan Priebsch and Sebastian Bergmann from thePHP, who showcased in several presentations and one workshop what PHP 8 will bring, where the CMS and CDS systems will evolve, why the TYPO3 developers should master the principles of SOLID or CQRS or how to combine the ideas of Domain-Driven Design and Test-Driven Development.
Among the speakers we had the CEO of TYPO3 Gmbh Mathias Schreiber, the President of the TYPO3 Association Olivier Dobberkau, Jochen Weiland, Mathias Bolt Lesniak, Jens Krumm and Adrian Mot from Target-E, and Zoltan Veres delighted us with a talk about the mixing of emotional intelligence and technology.
The CEO of Arxia Daniel Homorodean could not leave such opportunity unused and talked about the potential of the expansion of TYPO3 in Africa, the progress in bringing TYPO3 in Rwanda and the perspectives for the future.

As always at T3EE, the social events were taken very seriously. The main party, including the already-traditional T3EE open-cocktail-bar, kept us together until the small hours of the morning.

The sponsors of T3EE 2019 were: 
Arxia and Target-E ( Gold sponsors), thePHP, Jweiland, Gutknecht Informatik,  KO-Web | Kai Ole Hartwig, Decode, Digital Zombies, Web | Kai Ole Hart

Looking forward to the next T3EE!