PHP TYPO3 programmer

Looking for colleagues to join our TYPO3 team, leading CMS open-source platform based on PHP, ideal for large portals, complex editorial workflows, multi-domain and multi-language instances, with a very solid market base in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries.

TYPO3 is widely used by the universities, the public administration and many famous organizations and companies, like Airbus, Airfrance, Tamron, Lindt, Omega and many others.

In terms of scalability, the University of Vienna is a good illustration: on one TYPO3 instance they run 1284 domains, with content in 32 languages, including a total of 132,500 content pages, almost 600,000 news items, 4,000 editors.

Arxia develops TYPO3 projects  for clients from many countries, since 2005. We are deeply  involved in the international community and we foster the development of the Romanian community, by:

  • Organizing the only TYPO3 international conference in Eastern Europe, in Cluj-Napoca, every year since 2012 - TYPO3 East Europe
  • Facilitating international Code Sprints in Cluj-Napoca ( as the one from May 2015 ) and participating to code sprints in various locations in Europe
  • Participating each year at the international TYPO3 events in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries
  • Hosting the TYPO3 Summer Camp for German programmers in Arxia’s office, each year in July

What will you do:

Develop websites and components for portals, for clients from many countries and for our internal projects.

What we expect:

A solid algorithmic thinking
Solid PHP experience
Good OOP understanding and practice
Fast learning, efficient coding, disciplined reporting

What will you get:

Mentoring in learning the specifics of TYPO3
Participation in international TYPO3 events ( conferences, camps, code sprints )
Certifications and trainings
Participation in organization of international events ( optional )


Contact us: cariere[at]arxia[dot]com