FAL Code Sprint 2015

15 February 2015 Comments Off

At the end of January I attended to FAL Code Sprint in Essen , organized at the initiative of Andrea Herzog. The result of 3 working days is 71 fixed FAL issues which were merged to the Core. The event was focused on involving new people in the contribution process. T3Rookies involvement was appreciated and they had a great contribution on testing fixed issues and reporting some new ones (that were of course also fixed).

I had a great feeling to know that my work is part of something so important as TYPO3 and it will be used by so many people to create websites. To be sincere, at the beginning I was also kind of scared, as it was my first participation to such an event: I wanted to make a contribution, not only to participate – can I make something useful? But in the end I had 3 great days of coding and deep learning about TYPO3 Core and I was impressed by the focus on writing quality code and testing. I also want to thank Mathias Schreiber, Frans Saris and Fabien Udriot for their help and guidance in terms of code and good practice.
A bonus was the pleasure to talk with people that I already knew, but also to meet some new nice people.

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 Author: Alina Fleșer


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