SmartWeb Conference 2014

3 October 2014 Comments Off

Thanks to Arxia, on the 23rd of September I had the opportunity to attend the SmartWeb Conference, “A conference for East-European web designers and developers, bringing you an exquisite lineup of speakers”. This was the second edition which took place in Bucharest.


The event kicked off with a presentation from Jeremy Keith: Enhance. He focused on the need for semantics in Web development, progressive enhancement and how to keep things simple if possible. He explained how to use structural honesty like <button> instead of <span onclick> or material honesty: border radius instead of multiple elements with background images. In the second presentation of the first session, Kaelig a front-end developer for, showed us some solutions that have been implemented using SASS to help designers and developers to work together better.

The second session started with Marko Dungonjic’s presentation: Fixing Lorem Ipsum with Content Prototyping. He presented some ideas about “content prototyping” method to replace the famous but slightly useless “lorem ipsum” text and lifelike images. The second session ended with Harry Roberts presentation: What Is A CSS Framework Anyway? . He talked about the difference between UI Toolkit and CSS Framework:”UI Toolkit gets the job done, CSS Framework gets the job started.” and why it’s not ok to use UI Toolkit’s like Bootstrap for custom designs.


After lunch, the third session started with Remy Sharp’s presentation, Muddling your way in real-time, in which he showcased how to build real-time applications with NodeJS using Primus. In the second presentation of the third session, Leveling Up With Flexbox,  Zoe Gillenwater showed us that we already use Flexbox and how to ensure easy fallback for browsers that do not support it.

The last session started with Ana Tudor’s presentation: CSS: Use and Abuse. She showed us how to build complex animations and drawings with CSS3.The conference ended with Bruce Lawson’s presentation: Bruce’s Tour of the Sausage Factory about web standardisation.

A big thanks goes to the organizers of this conference for a very good organisation and also to the speakers for their very interesting presentations.

Photo Credit: SmartWeb.

 Author: Leonard Keresztesi