It’s time to upgrade to TYPO3 6.2 LTS

3 April 2014 § 0

As you probably know on the 25th of March the newest version of TYPO3 CMS has been released. Version 6.2 is a Long Term Support version, the second LTS released by the TYPO3 community and it will be supported until 2017. This release is focused on enterprises which use the 4.5 LTS version.

There are quite some new features in TYPO3 6.2, you can read all about those in the release notes or if you would want a more technical overview of the new features then you can look at the What’s new slides of the 6.2 version. The new features appeal for a broad user base: editors, integrators, administrators, developers and security specialists. We believe that these  new additions to the TYPO3 feature set along with the stability and performance improvements are a good reason to upgrade to version 6.2 LTS.


Upgrading from TYPO3 4.5 to TYPO3 6.2 

TYPO3 4.5 LTS is supported with security and stability fixes until March 2015. This gives roughly one year to current users of TYPO3 4.5 LTS to upgrade to TYPO3 6.2 LTS. The upgrade path is in most cases straightforward and smooth. There is also an extension called smoothmigration which will analyse your current setup, the installed extensions and configuration to check for features and functions which have been removed or changed during the update.

However in some cases changes will be required, either to configurations or existing extensions which are not compatible with TYPO3 6.2 LTS. During the last several months our team upgraded several websites from TYPO3 4.5 LTS to TYPO3 6.1 and we have begun the first upgrades to TYPO3 6.2 LTS. During our upgrades we encountered problems especially on custom 3rd party extensions which were not compatible with this newest TYPO3 release.

In light of the above we recommend our customers not to postpone the upgrades until the second part of the year because the March 2015 deadline will be very close and professional help will be scarce (as many people will be upgrading projects by then). And we can’t even imagine leaving your TYPO3 installation potentially vulnerable due to lack of updates after March 2015.

If you need help upgrading or you just want to evaluate how much effort is needed for upgrading your TYPO3 installation to 6.2 LTS then don’t hesitate to contact us.

AWS CloudFormation TYPO3 Introduction Package Template

21 October 2013 Comments Off

Hosting in the cloud becomes more and more a common practice, including for TYPO3 projects, and easy deployment is very important.  Amazon is one of the most popular providers and we had the opportunity to try it out for one of our projects.

AWS CloudFormation offers the possibility to create new instances using custom or existing configuration templates. For details about the AWS CloudFormation and the configuration templates use the following links:,

As we did not find an existing template for TYPO3, we have made one, and as you can see further, it is actually quite simple to do that.

To create a new instance which downloads automaticaly the TYPO3 Introduction Package you have to:

  • - download the configuration file
  • - login to your amazon web service account
  • - go to the CloudFormation page
  • - create a new stack by uploading the TYPO3 Introduction Package template file
  • - specify the TYPO3 database name and the mysql acces to the database you need, the keyname for the ssh acces
  • - go to the last step, save and the new instance is ready

After you have created the instance, use the instance’s link into the browser, follow the steps to install the TYPO3 Introduction Package and the site will be ready to use.

The AWS CloudFormation template for the TYPO3 Introduction package contains the settings for:

  • - install the apache, mysql and php
  • - download the TYPO3 Introduction Package source from
  • - unzip de code and copy the folders to /var/www/hml/
  • - create the ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL file into the typo3conf folder
  • - add write access to the following folders:
    • - fileadmin
    • - typo3conf
    • - typo3temp
    • - uploads

You can download the template from here.

Author: Diana Precup

Certified TYPO3 Integrators at Arxia

30 January 2012 Comments Off

certificationLast December Arxia sponsored the 2nd TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Meetup. The event was a great success and was followed by the first ever TYPO3 Certification Event in Romania. The certification exam was conducted by officials of the TYPO3 Association.

Three of our colleagues registered for the Certification Event and participated in the exam. Today we received word that all 3 passed the exam. As a result in the Arxia team there are 3 Certified TYPO3 Integrators. So our congratulations go to:

  • Fleșer Alina
  • Bodor László
  • Militaru Tomiță

Arxia is as good as its people are, so that’s why we invest in trainings and certifications in order to be able to deliver quality services to our customers. Having three Certified TYPO3 Integrators is another important step and a guarantee of the quality of our work.

New TYPO3 version and security bulletin

27 July 2011 Comments Off

The TYPO3 Core Team just released new versions 4.3.12 , 4.4.9 and 4.5.4 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.

logo-typo3These version are maintenance and bugfix versions as several bugs and security vulnerabilities were discovered in the TYPO3 core. These issues were also announced yesterday after the new versions were available. It is common practice that once these issues are discovered by the Core Team they are fixed and then announced after the patch version is available.

Because bugs and security issues are discovered from time to time in every software package, it is strongly recommended that users keep their TYPO3 version and also 3rd party extensions up to date in order to avoid their server being compromised

Arxia offers its customers a complementary service for a monthly fee that will ensure that the TYPO3 version and the used extensions are updated as soon as a patch is available. More details about this service will be available in a separate posting on this blog. Until then you can contact us anytime for more information.

Arxia is now a TYPO3 Association member

26 July 2011 Comments Off

Arxia – our company – develops projects using TYPO3 since 2005, being among the first companies in Romania to work with this Enterprise CMS. Since then we have delivered hundreds of projects with TYPO3 and trained many TYPO3 developers. We became the biggest TYPO3 company in Romania and we have been involved in some very large projects built with TYPO3 and delivered to customers in Romania and abroad (Germany, Netherlands, France).

During our work with TYPO3 it became natural for us to give back some things to the community and to the TYPO3 association. Among our actions in this direction is the TYPO3 Romania Usergroup – which is supported and hosted by Arxia. This usergroup allows Romanian TYPO3 developers to interact with each other and to find information on subjects that matter to them.

Another step in this direction is that from July 2011 we are Silver members of the TYPO3 Association. We hope that by being members will be able to support the TYPO3 Association more and that our contribution helps the development of TYPO3 in becoming the most successful Enterprise CMS on the market.


On the long term Arxia is committed to use TYPO3 and to offer it as the main solution to most of the projects in the enterprise segment. This is why is very important for us that the TYPO3 project goes forward and evolves permanently. Everyday there are new challenges, new technologies and new security issues in the IT business and we hope that by supporting TYPO3 (and the Association) we will make it ready for these challenges for the years to come.

The new TYPO3 4.4 is here!

23 June 2010 Comments Off

Yesterday the TYPO3 community released a new version of the popular TYPO3 Enterprise CMS. Version 4.4 brings many novelties! Among other things we noticed first the revamped backend look&feel which also has been optimized for faster loading so users will be able to do their tasks faster and easier.

Another great improvement is the revised Rich Text Editor which now completely relies on ExtJS allowing a much smoother and faster functioning of the editor.

Of course there are many other improvements aimed mainly for developers: The Introduction Package (a fully configured and functioning site out of the box when installing TYPO3), easier installation with the revamped Install Tool, Skinning API, revised Task Center and HTML5 support both in frontend and backend, Caching Framework improvements.

Arxia will begin to use TYPO34.4 with any new upcoming project as we already tested TYPO3 4.4 by the time it was in Beta state and we are confident that it will bring a significant added value to any project. We are also performing on-demand upgrades for our clients who want to implement the new version of TYPO3 for a faster and smoother content management.

If you want to upgrade your installation and need help we are glad to offer it. Just contact us and we will see how can we accomodate your request.

Post written by: Bodor László (Arxia TYPO3 Team)

CASE STUDY: – an online community for women powered by TYPO3

14 April 2010 Comments Off is considered one of the major online projects of Ringier Romania. Currently among the top ten online portals focused on lifestyle in Romania, the website wants to gather a consistent and active community of women to which to offer relevant and up-to-date content.

Main requirements

Our customer approached us with the following list of main requirements:

1. Create an environment where the targeted segment (women) can find relevant content (news, photos and videos) displayed in an attractive format, highlighting the updates.

2. Create an active community, by stimulating the users activity and feedback (adding comments, casting votes, posting in the forum section, participating to surveys, use the internal messaging of the website, creating own albums, etc.). The users are enticed through a system which rewards active users with points.

4. Give and receive opinions to personal issues, by creating a section where the users can ask the feedback of the community about a certain problem (with a functionality similar to Yahoo! Answers).

5. Create a complex astrology section, where one can find the predictions for the current day or year and also can find the compatibility between signs.

Technical requirements

- Use of TYPO3 version 4.2 as a development framework and also as a backend.
- Due to short implementation time and to budget restrictions, public extensions were to be used wherever possible.
- Custom extensions would need to be built for the functionality where we couldn’t find suitable public extensions.
- AJAX technology would be used in order to create a smooth user experience through the interface.

Technical challenges and solutions

1. Implementation using public extensions with respect to the TYPO3 CGL.

Taking into consideration that certain public extensions do not implement TYPO3′s extending methods (for example cwt_community does not use HOOKS or XCLASS) or, in other cases, the separation between the PHP and HTML code is not done at acceptable standards (for example simplesurvey), we have decided to create new extensions, based on the code and logic of some public ones but modified in order to implement the project’s specifications and in the same time apply to the TYPO3 CGL.

2. Using AJAX technology combined with some public extensions that are not implemented using it.

As an example, we’ve used AJAX for adding, replying and browsing the users commentaries of the articles. Originally, this functionality is implemented in TYPO3 using the comments extension, which doesn’t use AJAX.

Implementing custom extensions that use AJAX technology was an interesting experience (voting extension, poll extension, Yahoo! Answer like extension). We tried to use the xajax library using some public extensions – xajax, taxajax, tdo_xajax – but we’ve encountered the same problem: if more than one plugin using AJAX was displayed on a page, only the first plugin worked as expected. Also, when making a request, a lot of unnecessary code was executed in order to create the proper answer. Finally we’ve decided to make the AJAX request using our own JavaScript implementation combined with TypoScript configuration, to avoid the execution of unnecessary code.

3. As the client requirement was to create complex relation between different data types, finding a solution for an easy, fast and user friendly relationship building was a major issue on which our best solution was to use IRRE (Inline Relational Record Editing)

4. The large amount of records added by the editors raised the question of a fast retrieval of a given record. Creating custom backend modules with advanced search filters was a successful solution.

Launch of, powered by TYPO3 and Arxia

17 March 2010 Comments Off, the third largest Romanian online news service has Beta launched a new version of their portal, for which our team here at Arxia has worked intensely in the past three months. The new Beta, temporarily hosted at, is powered by TYPO3, one of the best open source web content management systems.

The Beta will soon replace the old version, and when it will happen, the new platform will support over 100.000 visitors / day generating over 600.000 impressions /day, which will probably make it the most visited TYPO3 powered website in Romania!

In the coming weeks we’ll post an interesting case study of this project and if you want to be among the first to receive it, please subscribe to our newsletter here bellow.

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Support for TYPO3 4.0 is over

16 February 2010 Comments Off

The TYPO3 Association announced that support for TYPO3 version 4.0  has officially ended. This means that no security patches or other fixes will be issued from this time forward. Basically if you’re running TYPO3 4.0 you will have to take care to fix yourself security breaches or potential flaws.

We do recommend upgrading your TYPO3 installation to at least TYPO3 4.2 because support for 4.1 will also end soon. But sometimes these upgrades can cause some problems because of incompatible plugins or even settings that work on one version and didn’t work on other versions. Also upgrading plugins too is always a good idea because in fact these are most often targeted by hackers.

If you need assistance upgrading your TYPO3 installation and plugins you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help.