Introducing our new TextWizzard jQuery plugin

31 October 2012 Comments Off

Today we are presenting you one of our newest developments. But just before we tell you what is about, we would like to ask a few questions.

Were you ever in a situation, where reading an article on a website was difficult because of  the contrast between the background color and the color of the text ?

Or maybe you read texts in languages other then your own and a few words were unknown to you ? What did you do ? Copy the word or sentence and paste it into Google Translate?

Or maybe you wanted to share a sentence or two from a text from a webpage through various social media channels like Facebook or Twitter ?

Well as you probably guessed it by now, the textWizzard jQuery plugin is about these features. When your visitors select a text on your website a small toolbox will appear that will allow them to :

- see a magnified text with changeable colors of the text and background

- for better contrast the users can select from a large scale of predefined color combos for text and background

- share to Facebook and Twitter the selected text

- send via mail the selected text

- hear the selected text as the plugin has text to speech abilities, if your users want to hear the text and not read it

- last but not least, they can translate any text on fly to one of the languages available : Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, Italian, Latin, Maltese, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Sweedish, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

- With this “all in one” approach, the textWizzard plugin offers the visitors of your site a better user experience, and the sites that use this script are more accessible to the public.

In the screenshots below you can see our plugin in action, before the popup window is activated and after it appears as an overlay on the content.


The original text and the plugin activated below (blue background)


The color combos


The translation tool

For the time being the textWizzard plugin is available for a licensing fee, for more informations don’t hesitate to contact us.

A brand new website for PlanningWiz Room Planner

26 January 2012 Comments Off

Perhaps you didn’t know until now, but the wonderful, glamorous, hard-working team behind the worldwide adopted room planner PlanningWiz is us. Well yes, now you know our secret :)

PlanningWiz dates from 2005 and over the years it has attracted tens of thousands of users. The room planer became the central point for a community that was forming around it, pretty much without our active involvement. We had to do something about it so we have spent last 4 months to offer our users a community website and all necessary tools to communicate with each other.

So if you haven’t planned your home or office space so far, you can start now at – for free of course.pl1pl2

We hope you like it and will bookmark us :).

Many thanks to the development team for their hard work in producing such a wonderful outcome.

Ramona Isai
Account Executive for PlanningWiz