New TYPO3 version and security bulletin

27 July 2011 Comments Off

The TYPO3 Core Team just released new versions 4.3.12 , 4.4.9 and 4.5.4 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System.

logo-typo3These version are maintenance and bugfix versions as several bugs and security vulnerabilities were discovered in the TYPO3 core. These issues were also announced yesterday after the new versions were available. It is common practice that once these issues are discovered by the Core Team they are fixed and then announced after the patch version is available.

Because bugs and security issues are discovered from time to time in every software package, it is strongly recommended that users keep their TYPO3 version and also 3rd party extensions up to date in order to avoid their server being compromised

Arxia offers its customers a complementary service for a monthly fee that will ensure that the TYPO3 version and the used extensions are updated as soon as a patch is available. More details about this service will be available in a separate posting on this blog. Until then you can contact us anytime for more information.


Arxia is now a TYPO3 Association member

26 July 2011 Comments Off

Arxia – our company – develops projects using TYPO3 since 2005, being among the first companies in Romania to work with this Enterprise CMS. Since then we have delivered hundreds of projects with TYPO3 and trained many TYPO3 developers. We became the biggest TYPO3 company in Romania and we have been involved in some very large projects built with TYPO3 and delivered to customers in Romania and abroad (Germany, Netherlands, France).

During our work with TYPO3 it became natural for us to give back some things to the community and to the TYPO3 association. Among our actions in this direction is the TYPO3 Romania Usergroup – which is supported and hosted by Arxia. This usergroup allows Romanian TYPO3 developers to interact with each other and to find information on subjects that matter to them.

Another step in this direction is that from July 2011 we are Silver members of the TYPO3 Association. We hope that by being members will be able to support the TYPO3 Association more and that our contribution helps the development of TYPO3 in becoming the most successful Enterprise CMS on the market.


On the long term Arxia is committed to use TYPO3 and to offer it as the main solution to most of the projects in the enterprise segment. This is why is very important for us that the TYPO3 project goes forward and evolves permanently. Everyday there are new challenges, new technologies and new security issues in the IT business and we hope that by supporting TYPO3 (and the Association) we will make it ready for these challenges for the years to come.