First TYPO3 Code Sprint in Cluj Napoca

13 May 2016 Comments Off

TYPO3 Code Sprint 2016 - Cluj Napoca

The second week of May 2016 was special for us as we had the opportunity to facilitate the first ever TYPO3 code sprint to be hosted in Romania!
Staying in close contact with the TYPO3 community is critical for us, especially since the development pace of TYPO3 has been dramatically increased over the past year and several new version of TYPO3 have been launched.
Keeping up with the changes, new features or future plans is so much easy when you are directly involved in the development process.
A couple of our colleagues attended the code sprint, got familiar with the contribution workflow and started submitting patches to the TYPO3 core.

We invited the local IT community to join the TYPO3 core team at an Open Event, grab a beer and talk to some cool experienced TYPO3 developers.

We are looking forward to the next TYPO3 events, especially TYPO3 East Europe 2016.

Photo credit: Anja Leichsenring