T3Rookies Summer Camp

7 May 2015 Comments Off

Did you know about T3Rookies? This is a new project, initiated and coordinated with great enthusiasm by Andrea Herzog. The purpose is to gather students and young people, help them integrate in the big TYPO3 community and provide them opportunities, logistics and support to become the developers and contributors of the TYPO3 future.

Arxia is proud to support this project and will offer this summer, from 27th of June – 4th of July 2015 a hands-on training to 6 T3Rookies. We prepared a nice project: a website for a foster home in Cluj, named Aksza. The Rookies will have the opportunity to meet those kids, with ages from 7 to 20 years and focus on learning and school (the oldest one is a student) and create a website from start to end: to conceive the site’s concept, design and content (in 4 languages: English, Romanian, Hungarian and German), of course to implement the site and to optimize it for search engines. The website should be ready and live at the end of the week, so there will be some intensive work (but don’t worry, no more than 6 hours per day), but rewarded in the free time with the great pubs, clubs and bars of Cluj Napoca (which is, this year, awarded with the title European Youth Capital).

And we have a surprize for the attendees: in the same period (25-28 June), one of the best music events in Romania is taking place near Cluj Napoca: Electric Castle