2013 @ Arxia

31 January 2014 § 1

While most people are busy setting new year resolutions, we’d like to take a look back into the year that just past, as 2013 was an awesome year from all points of view!

Arxia Forest

In 2013 we started by getting dirty. Literally. Our hard working colleagues rolled up their sleeves and signed up for the project Plant your own forest or, how we like to call it, Forest Arxia. You know what they say, each man must plant a tree at least once in his life before they leave this life.
The project was organized by CERT Transylvania and more than 150 volunteers attended & seeded more than 5000 young trees!

Our next stop last year was to support the national computer science contest ITeam Net hosted by Tiberiu Popoviciu Informatics High School Cluj-Napoca in collaboration with Babes-Bolyai University. We feel strongly that it’s a great way to encourage high schools students to pursue an IT career, but also to learn new things thrum competitions like this one.

Our colleague Daniel Homorodean tested the Netherlands’ TYPO3 “waters” by attending the TYPO3Camp Venlo, a TYPO3 community event with over 75 attendees. One might think that most of them were Dutch, but surprisingly enough around 70% of the attendees were from across the border. Here Daniel had the first opportunity to speak about TYPO3 Romania Usergroup’s special & dear project, TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE), but more details below.

Arxia @ Masca

We love to do out of office activities and thanks to World Vision Romania, we had the opportunity to spend a fun weekend at 50 km outside the big city and help out some beautiful kids in a village near by with school supplies. A picnic in nature was most welcome during summer, games and lots of surprises for the 17 children from Masca, Cluj.

In May, Daniel went to explore the Brazilian market for our product PlanningWiz, in Sao Paulo – the business heart of the country, in Porto Alegre where Arxia attended the BITS IT fair, the South American equivalent of CEBIT, and in Rio de Janeiro, where he met with various potential partners and witnessed the kick-off of the Startup Brasil program at a local incubator.

The summer of 2013 caught some of our colleagues at the most important TYPO3 event for developers, the TYPO3 Developer Days, held in Hamburg, Germany. The sessions were great & the socializing was even better!

Team Arxia

Team Arxia

Speaking of nature, we’ve made it a tradition every year to organize Arxia Camp, a 4 days trip around the country with lots of team building games & bonding. In 2013 we decided to visit Maramures region, an area where Romanian traditions are well maintained even today. Perhaps the highlight of our trip was the trip with the “mocanita“, a small steam locomotive that has tracks between & uphill the mountains. The long 6 hours trip was a great opportunity for everyone to practice their singing skills & mime.
Last day of Arxia Camp was dedicated to the Barsana monastery which is build entirely out of rock & wood. We were lucky to manage a quick trip to the Happy Cemetery and the Memorial Museum, an opportunity to remember the events from the communist period.

It is very refreshing for us to see initiatives coming from the younger generations, so it was natural to support the 5Edu project, a program of informal education organized by highschool students for highschool students, as a summer school.

TYPO3Camp Mallorca

TYPO3Camp Mallorca

Since we love TYPO3 events, we couldn’t miss TYPO3Camp Mallorca 2013, one of the most fun TYPO3 events out there, with a really special & charming location. Several of our colleagues signed up for the flight to the Spanish island Palma de Mallorca where they meetup with people from the TYPO3 Community from around the world. We were glad to notice that the Romanian presence of attendees is increasing every year!

Thankfully, not all TYPO3 events are so far away and, not long after TYPO3Camp Mallorca, we attended the first TYPO3Camp Poland at our Eastern Europe brothers.

Like Walk

Like Walk

You might ask yourself, does Arxia have time to do some work? Of course! We had some great projects in 2013, like for example Cluj Napoca 2021 – portal for the European Capital of Culture (candidate city), Epistemio - platform for the management of scientific paper portfolios or LikeWalk – application where users can present their outfits to the world and find similar products on online shops.

We do our best to support the good practices in our industry and to promote them in Romania and everywhere where we can. So in 16 October, Daniel presented the importance and beneffits of the web accessibility standards to the attendees of the annual FRATEL reunion, held in Bucharest. That was also a good opportunity to polish his French grammar.

We couldn’t miss T3CON 2013, especially since it was announced that it is going to be a different CON than last years. The sessions were interesting & engaging, but we also enjoyed the networking part of the event, were we reconnected with old partners or made new ones. It was also a great opportunity to pitch TYPO3 Romania Usergroup’s own event: TYPO3 East Europethe first international event in eastern Europe.

TYPO3 East Europe

TYPO3 East Europe

Which brings us to the most important TYPO3 event in East Europe in 2013: TYPO3 East Europe. Together with TYPO3 Romania Usergroup, we gladly supported the University pre-event and the 2 days main event. Our colleague Bodor László has been one of the 12 speakers.
The event had 22 sessions, but also a record of 4 parties at different locations in Cluj. We couldn’t help but noticed how people from outside Romania are still fascinated with Transylvania & vampires!
The event was a success, with 100+ attendees from 7 countries and we look forward for T3EE 2014

All around the year of 2013 we tried to give back to the community by hosting the monthly Bug Day events where we encouraged local developers to contribute to TYPO3 projects.

Our work year came to an end near Christmas with a trip to a near by village called Ticu, where, with the help of World Vision Romania, we had the opportunity to give back some joy to the 20+ children there from a day care.

The year of 2013 has a great year & worth to remember, we are eager to see what new challenges has 2014 prepared for us!