TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Meetup 2011– short summary

6 December 2011 § 1

Last weekend on the 3rd of December 2011, TYPO3 Usergroup Romania with the support of Arxia, Arobs and Reea organized the second Usergroup Meetup of the Romanian TYPO3 community.

The meetup started at 09.00AM with an opening speech by Daniel Homorodean , managing director of Arxia. He spoke about TYPO3, the community and the opportunities that are in front of the Romanian TYPO3 developers.


After his speech the next was Cornelia Iclanzan from Reea who presented TYPO3Gento, an innovative approach to combine TYPO3 and Magento for an online shop.


Following this presentation we could see another interesting presentation held by Ioana Cucuruzan (from Arobs) who presented as Apache Solr and its use in connection with a TYPO3 website.


Calin Borz (from Reea) has taken the spot before the coffee break presenting us a mobile website implementation with TYPO3 and TemplaVoila. His approach was quite interesting and many people were interested in learning more of this subject.

After the break Tiberiu Contiu from Arobs held a presentation about Test Driven Development, probably something that everyone was interested to see for a long time.


Continuing with the latest trends was Dan Homorodean from Arxia who introduced us to the concepts of FLOW3, things like Domain Driven Design, Dependency Injection and much more. He was followed by Horea Negru (also from Arxia) presenting Fluid, a new templating engine for TYPO3, one of the most powerful templating engines we’ve recently seen.


The last presentation was held by me (Bodor László – from Arxia) and it was about Extbase, more precisely “Introduction to Extbase”. This framework (if we can call it that) is the bridge between TYPO3 v4 and TYPO3 v5. The presentation certainly attracted some interest judging by the debate it followed after.


After the end of the presentation part, an open discussion about TYPO3 and the Romanian community followed which continued even at the lunch.

From 16.00 hours the first ever Official TYPO3 Certification event began, with 11 participants. Let’s hope that all of them will become Certified TYPO3 Integrators.

After the exam people went to Republic Pub and had couple of beers and discussed about TYPO3 and lots more.

With more then 35 participants this Usergroup Meetup was the largest TYPO3 event ever held in Romania and we think that it was at least as successful as the last one.

So now we can start preparing for the next meetup!


The presentations will be available for download from the www.typo3romania.ro website.

Author: Bodor László