TYPO3 4.6 Release Party in Cluj Napoca

25 October 2011 § 1

As many of you already know, today is the big day when the brand new version of TYPO3, version 4.6 is being released. Celebrating this event, many enthusiasts around the world are organizing release parties where people can participate, have fun, talk about TYPO3, Flow3 (which was released last week), Extbase and many other subjects that are related.

In Cluj Napoca/Romania where Arxia’s headquarters are there will be also a release party and many team members will participate in what is poised to be the biggest TYPO3 release party ever in Romania! If you want to come is not too late. You can still sign up here

Location: Bistro Viena
Time: 20.00 LOCAL TIME
Organizer: TYPO3 Usergroup Romania


Arxia sponsors the second TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Meetup

18 October 2011 Comments Off

TYPO3 Usergroup Romania organizes the second TYPO3 Usergroup Romania Meetup on the 3rd of December 2011 in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The event  will be a good opportunity for presentations, discussions, exchange of ideas and networking among the members of the Romanian TYPO3 community.

Some of the presentations will be in Romanian, some of them will be in English. The full list of presentations will be announced at a later date and those interested in making a presentation are required to send an email to bodor@arxia.com until the evening of 23 November 2011.

This Meetup will be also the first time that a TYPO3 Certification event takes place in Romania. The Certification Exam will be held at the event location at 14.00 hours by the official certification team of the TYPO3 Association. For more information on how can you take the exam head over to the certification website.

Where ?

The meetup and the certification will be held at the conference hall of the Royal Classic Hotel (str. Liviu Rebreanu nr.39 – Cluj Napoca, Romania). The starting hour is set at 09.30 though it can still be modified if needed.

Want to participate ?

You can attend for free but you still need to send an email because the number of seats is limited!

To participate in this meetup please send an email to bodor@arxia.com If you want to take the certification exam then please head over to the certification website and register there for the certification.

Arxia will be proudly supporting and sponsoring this event and several of the team members will be attending and some of them will also take the certification exam.

For more information on this meetup you can contact Bodor László (bodor@arxia.com) who will be glad to offer you more details on any question you might have.