Arxia Camp 2011–part II

18 August 2011 Comments Off

Between the 30th of July and the 7th of August the Arxia Team was on a teambuilding camp. The first part of the camp was covered in my last blog post so i will concentrate on the second part.

While we were working in this camp with a reduced schedule we also had lots of other activities together. One of the most interesting ones was when we split up in 4 groups and went on a photo hunt mission. Each group had to take at least one picture of some predefined objective. For example one of the hardest objectives was to take a picture that symbolizes egoism. All the teams worked hard and we did made a few noteworthy pictures during this exercise, some of these can be seen in the photo album attached to this post.

Other common activities included making an egg fly or telling a story about yourself. But also individual personality tests were conducted and these had quite a success among the team members.

On Wednesday the team travelled to Baile Homorod (a local resort) where the majority of our colleagues went to horse riding. None of us ride a horse before but thanks to the staff of the Lobogo Panzio we managed quite reasonably in the saddle.

In the evenings people come together and some played Citadels for long hours, others played Poker and some were just having a beer and a pizza together with the colleagues.

The week ended with another trip to the Balu Adventure Park and to the Sfanta Ana crater lake near Tusnad Bai. Here we slept in tents in the camping site near the lake, made a campfire in the evening and talked late into the night. On the last day of our camp we visited the Mohos lake and then started our long trip back to Cluj Napoca.

Its safe to say that this was the most successful Arxia Camp to date with people having lots of fun and work together. Also this camp raises the bar for the next years and will be quite a challenge to find a location like this and to organize the camp. But challenge is the reason why we are here at Arxia!

And here are the photos:

Post written by: Bodor László (Arxia TYPO3 Team)

Arxia Camp 2011

2 August 2011 Comments Off

As of 30th of July 2011 the Arxia team is out on a teambuilding camp, second time in the last two years. This time we have chosen the Laguna pension in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania. For 9 days our team is combining work with fun and leisure. Our teambuilding camps are somewhat special because we have to assure that our customers have permanent support for their websites so usually we do work in these camps but with reduced schedule.

What else we do ? We travel and visit tourist sights, we participate in teambuilding exercises and most important of all, we have lots of fun together as a team. This year the camp started with a short visit to Sighisoara – an UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the Medieval Festival was just starting in this unique still inhabited citadel of Europe.

Sunday on the 31th of July our team went to visit the Balu Adventure Park in Harghita Bai. We have climbed up into the trees and did several adventure routes of lower or higher difficulty but i think its safe to say that the highlight of the day was the tyrolean traverse over the blue lake. Well there is a lot to say but i will let the pictures tell the story.

And this is just the beginning, more to follow as we are just in the beginning of the camp.

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